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Journey Through
Part of dealing with any type of illness is dealing with the people around you and the others in your life. When you are feeling really bad or down, it is really hard to be around people or deal with them. At least in my experience. Concern from others, especially when you are concerned about yourself, can be frustrating or can make you feel guilty at times. I have a big thing with feeling guilty when I know others are thinking about me or when I take time out for myself. When I am dealing with others I pick up on their emotions even if they are not meaning to give them off. Sometimes it makes it harder for me to deal with things because then not only do I have my own problems on my mind but I have how I feel thinking about the others there too. It can make things very complicated at times. Currently I have therapy on Tuesdays and this is something that we have touched on. Dealing with others. Best thing so far that I have tried is thinking really hard about who it may make me feel to... (more)

roy nelson
My Politicians
Are Hypocrites.

The usa and uk have wanted to arm the rebels in syria. Public support was against them but they did it anyway. The usa and uk are re-arming israel to commit more war crimes against civilians. Though public support is against them. Now the west are demanding russia stop arming the separatists in ukraine. When did the west and my country's politicians become such hypocrites ?

Buyer Rebates Exist So Why Don't People Believe In Them?
I was recently telling a good friend of mine about how I got a buyer rebate when I bought my $353,000 house and they were skeptical about what I was telling them. To be honest, at first I didn't understand their skepticism because I have gotten two buyer rebates in my home buying experiences so I know how real they are. Buyer rebates are also easy to get but I digress... Anyway, as I was talking to my friend it didn't take me long to remember how I once thought about buyer rebates when I bought my very first house (I am in my 60's now so I've bought three houses so far, and I hope this last house I've bought will be my last).Back in the day I also doubted that buyer rebates were real. I guess the main reason why I doubted that they were real was because they had the word, "rebate" attached to them. There have been a lot of scams (usually mail order scams when I was younger) that had the word, "rebate" associated with them. Time and time again people were promised cash back if... (more)

Argh Not The Pony
Lips any girl,
that's not me (but I wish it was)

So this week's been kinda uneventful idk I've listened to lots and lots of Radio 1Xtra and getting very excited about new music I've not done nearly enough reading I went to the pub on Tuesday with Rachel, Kinga, Abby and Abi which was v v fun I'd needed a NICE drunken night and I had one! I was in such a good mood afterwards, I fell over in the bathroom and me and Abi shared two bottles of wine and we talked about GoT and stupid stuff and it was just well funny and then I walked home with Rachel and Abi and we sat on the same bridge as we did a few weeks ago, and ran down the steps and it was well fun Wednesday we went river and I really thought Nat would be there and he wasn't and I was obviously and idk I just hate it that I do care if I see him and he doesn't give a shit whether he sees me or not but on the other hand I'm over feeling like shit tbh, doesn't mean it's not gonna happen though so I was just bored like the whole night and I know I shouldn't have but I was so not... (more)

.: LifeHasBegun:.
Manusia Gila
Manusia itu gila Gila pada nama Gila pada harta Gila pada pangkat Gila pada kuasa Gila pada duit Gila pada kerja Manusia gila Ramai manusia yang gila Gila pada semua benda Gila pada semua perkara Kegilaan apakah ini Kenapa sebegini gila? Sampai bila perlu gila? Tahukah mereka bahawa mereka itu gila? Gila! #Laila - 31.07.2014 / 12:32pm

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